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Residential complex ┬źRybatskaya gavan┬╗

About the project

The project was developed for the residential complex 'Rybatskaya Gavan'. The website contains a basic information about the complex, the developer and prices. There is real-time access to view and select available apartments.

Site design

Selecting an apartment

A user can choose a vacant apartment on any floor and section using visual mechanics on the website. On the website you can see how many apartments of which type are available in each section.

Filtering apartments

A user can sort all apartments by a special filter with multiple parameters to access only those that are interesting to them, based on the specified criteria. The filter suggests the range of minimum and maximum square footage and a price for available apartments.

Real-time data about apartments

We implemented the special integration that updates the data on all apartments every day: whether they are still available, reserved or sold, what is the current price, what changes are made in the parameters. While managers continue to work in their internal software, a user can access up-to-date information on the website.

Real-time data about parking slots

When a manager marks in 1C software that the parking slot status has changed (occupied or free), the separate integration updates the information on the website by highlighting the occupied space by a special color.

The calculation of the mortgage

The calculator estimates and shows the monthly mortgage payment at different rates of various banks. Then, it sends all the selected parameters by a user and a contact phone number to a manager.

Generating a PDF file

If a user wants to save an information about the apartment, he can save a PDF document. The website prepares a PDF document with all the information about the selected apartment in the corporate style.

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