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Corporate web-site for Vitaly Korolev

About the project

In this project we developed a corporate website for corporate governance consultant, Vitaly A. Korolev, DBA. This website follows modern web design trends, expressed in the horizontal layout of the website's pages in the browser. In addition, we added animated transitions between pages. We also implemented a system for splitting text into columns that adapts to the height of the browser and a device and allows to add quotes between columns.


I want to give my best gratitude to you and the team of ArticMedia Web-studio for the efforts you have put for launching my personal web-site. The task was hard, but you succeeded.

Vitaly Korolev, DBA
Independent director, Corporate governance consultant

Site design

Interstitial animations

To increase the UI, we set unique interstitial animations between different pages of the website.

Navigation without reloading

Using Ajax technology, we have implemented a system for navigating between site pages without reloading.

Text separation system

We have developed a special script that performs calculations based on information about the size of content elements and calculates the optimal height for them. This way, for example, the text in the correct form is divided into columns.

Short links

There is a "Share" block on each page where short links are automatically generated. The user can send them to e-mail or copy to the clipboard for further use.

Articles search

When the user looks for an information published on a website, he receives such search results immediately, without reloading the page by the browser.

Articles filtration

For the convenience, all articles on the website can be filtered by a category and an approximate reading time.

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