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Family real estate agency «Partner»

About the project

The PARTNER Family Real Estate Agency is one of the best real estate companies in the region according to the Association of Realtors of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Our team has fully developed the website for "Partner”, has connected a corporate CRM and has implemented several other systems, that simplify the work of the agency staff.


On behalf of of the family real estate agency “PARTNER” project we express our deep gratitude to ArticMedia team for the mutually beneficial cooperation and support provided during the development of the new corporate website, the design of the logo, and the brand creation. We sincerely hope that the cooperation of our companies will continue in the future, and we look forward to strengthening and expanding our partnership in the future, after the pandemic.

Inna Voinova
Founder and CEO, “PARTNER”

Site design

The design of the website is made in a classic discreet style to emphasize the stability and long-lasting presence of the company on the market. We have used different elements of the corporate identity in the design with light colors to prevail.

System for bookmarking favorite property

Our specialists have improved the Favorites page so that site users can easier access the real estate they have bookmarked. When a user adds objects to Favorites, the system identifies the type of a property and groups the selected elements by the title of the corresponding section in the structure of the website.


We have integrated the CRM with the website to simplify the work of PARTNER employees and improve the company's performance. The agency's specialists upload an updated data about the objects by themselves, and the system automatically synchronizes them into the catalog on the website to display a price fluctuation.

Mortgage calculator

There is a mortgage calculator available on the website in order to assess the cost of the future loan, , and to estimate different scenarios based on a cost of the property, an amount of a down payment and a duration of a loan.


We have implemented the authorization system via social networks to minimize a spam and unscrupulous feedback, and to verify the accuracy. Currently the clients can publicly thank the specialist and attach a link to their social network profile.

Employee data

There is a brief staff bio, their diplomas and awards, contacts, and reviews about the completed deals, that is available on the team section of the website.

Integration with Telegram

Our specialists have integrated feedback forms with the popular Telegram messenger to make a communication with clients as fast as possible. All inbound user requests are instantly forwarded to the Head of the Office.

Agreement verification

In order to reduce the risk of a poor-quality service and a fraud by third parties, there is an option to verify the agreement between customer and PARTNER in the company's registry. The client can personally make sure that the agreement is officially executed with the PARTNER real estate agency and is active in the database.

Integration with social networks

On the social networks there are unique links to each of catalogue objects in order to assure a quick access via the special algorithm that instantly processes to the object card on the website or displays a notification that the object has already been sold.

Search filter

Our team has developed the filter that allows to get results about available real estate slots within a certain area or near selected subway stations. We have also added the option for users to specify the search area on the map.

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