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Logo and corporate identity for “Vybor edy” food delivery service


The project has been developed for the food delivery service "Vybor edy". We have developed the brand and the corporate identity. We also created the logo.


On behalf of the Vybor Edy project (Chestnaya Eda LLC), we express our deep gratitude to the ArticMedia team for the mutually beneficial cooperation and support provided during the development of the company's new website, logo design, and brand creation. We sincerely hope that the cooperation between our companies will continue in the future, and we look forward to strengthening and expanding our partnership in the future after the end of the pandemic!

Alexandra V. Kruglikova
General Director


We have created a corporate brand for "Vybor edy", including a logo, a design of food package and stickers, staff uniform.

Staff uniform

We have used corporate identity elements to create a courier uniform. Such stylish and neat uniform is easy to remember, so that it increases the brand recognition and increases the number of repeated orders.

Food packaging design

The unique food packaging design is a great way for the company to communicate with the customer. Such attractive design increases the consumer's interest in the product.

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