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“Vybor edy” food delivery service

About the project

The project has been developed for delivery service "Vybor edy". There was created unique branding style and web-site for making on-line orders.


От имени проекта ВЫБОР ЕДЫ (ООО «Честная еда») выражаем глубокую благодарность коллективу ArticMedia за взаимовыгодное сотрудничество и поддержку, оказанную в ходе разработки нового веб-сайта компании, дизайна логотипа, и создания бренда. Искренне надеемся, что сотрудничество наших компаний продолжится в дальнейшем, и рассчитываем на укрепление и расширение партнерских отношений в будущем после завершения пандемии!

Kruglikova Anna Vladimirovna, DBA
General Director


We have created a corporate brand for "Vybor edy", including a logo, a design of food package and stickers, staff uniform.

Web-site branding

We also used the logo and branding on the web-site. Large images of dishes in high quality attract the users, and easy menu navigation makes the ordering process convenient and fast.


When making an order, a user authorizes with his phone number via SMS.

Promotional codes

We have also developed the system to generate promocodes for different purposes. For instance, a customer can use a promocode for the first order or a personal promo code that is limited by time and category.

Delivery area restrictions

When typing an address, the user gets a hint with options via AutoFill function. Next, the system checks whether the address specified by the user is included in the delivery zone, and automatically calculates the approximate delivery time of the order.

Automation of
order accounting

To automate the processes of order tracking and to implement an advertising campaign, we have improved the notification system for new orders, which provides for the output of special data and the order number for each client.

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