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The St. Petersburg International Labor Forum is an annual forum organized at the Expoforum of St. Petersburg by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, the Government of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, the Saint-Petersburg Committee for Labour and Employment, and the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS member States.

During the Forum week up to 10k people took part in live format, and more than 200k specialists took part remotely to discuss the best practices of HR management, labor protection and the peculiarities of the labor market during COVID-19 pandemic.

Our specialists developed the design of the webpages and launched a multilingual website in Russian and English on short notice.

Site design

The web design is in the conservative and traditional style that is typical of business events and government agencies. We highlighted elements using bright orange color and a palette of colors to mark up the thematic sessions. We used various elements of the Forum's corporate style including the event logos.

Bilingual version

In addition to Russian, English version of the website is available for foreign participants and guests. The website is built using UMI.CMS that allows to form different structure for each language version with its own unique content.

Event agenda

The site has a dynamic agenda by thematic tracks and dates. Depending on the selected track and date, a filtered list of sessions is shown. The filter can be also applied to the list of events on the current date. If the selected track has no events with the current date, the list of programs of the earliest date is displayed. If the selected track has program events with the current date, it automatically becomes active.

Event broadcasts

The broadcasts of the event are split among appropriate halls. The hall webpage automatically displays the event announcement and video broadcast depending on the date and time of the event. In addition, the general page "Broadcasts" separately displays a list of events which can be viewed in one of the halls. For such events, on the page "Program", automatically displays a button "Online", which a user clicks to the separate webpage of the selected hall with the broadcast of the event. Upon completion of the forum, the structure of the page "Broadcasts" was redesigned to allow the archive of broadcasts to be displayed on separate pages.

My Account

In the “My Account” section users can edit their personal data and give feedback to improve the forum in the future. After the registration, the QR- code for the event pass is automatically generated there. This code can be printed out or used in electronic format.

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