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«PromStandart» - metal furniture and shelves


During this project we have developed the e-commerce website for PromStandart LLC, which specializes in selling metal furniture, industrial plastic containers, and racks. The company has been already operating in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities for 5 years. In addition to developing the core functionality, we have completed tasks to simplify the creation of subdomains for their local sites in other cities, where the company operates, and an order checkout system.


PromStandart LLC expresses its gratitude to the ArticMedia studio for a long-term cooperation and constant timely communication during the creation of the company's e-store, as well as for the implementation of the corresponding additional and technical work. The professionalism of your specialists, attention and understanding of our needs have ensured the most positive history of the relationship between our companies. We would like to express our gratitude for the development and implementation of independent modules of the administration system, which made it possible to simplify the work of both our specialists and employees of our suppliers. We hope that the partnership will only expand over the years. Sincerely,

I.V. Kuznetsov
CEO LLC PromStandart

Site design

Web-sites administration

To quickly expand the company's local presence in other cities, our team has developed a functionality that allows to create uniform sites via a single administrative panel. This also allows to edit and manage the data of all sites within the same Content Management System (CMS).

Catalog navigation

The new website navigation greatly simplifies the interaction of users with the product catalog. We also drew unique icons for each of the main sections and subsections of the catalog.

Order payment system

After a client makes an order, it is manually moderated by the company's manager who confirms the order details and processes to payment. Once it is done, the client receives an e-mail with a link to online payment tool.

Pricelist management interface

We have developed an interface that allows managers to manage retail prices for goods through a virtual office system that simplifies the calculation process.


We have implemented a meta tag template builder for local city address and phone contacts, so that they are automatically shown on the webpage per each selected city. We have set up a schema markup for more effective web-site indexing by search engines. To speed up the web-site load time we implemented an image lazyloading system.


When a user types a request, the website shows search results with different sections and similar goods with corresponding pictures.

Product filter

The filter is placed on all pages of the catalog and on all subdomains of the site. We added an interactive hint that shows how many products are available after the specified parameters are applied (the results of the hint are updated on a real time basis when you change the set of the characteristics). The site administrator can manually specify the characteristics that should be displayed in the filter for each section and subsection of the catalog. In addition, we added the filter for several subsections simultaneously (the user marks the necessary subsections and sets product filter parameters).

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