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Medicinskaya Collegium – medical clinic

About the project

Medicinskaya Collegia is a collegial- type clinic. ArticMedia was involved in the brand creation and the development of the website.


Adel-Med LLC expresses its gratitude to ArticMedia web-studio for creating the corporate website for the Medicinskaya Сollegium Clinic. Our management is very satisfied with the results. We would like to thank you for doing all the work within the set timelines. Also, we appreciate your responsiveness and attention to our requests. It was a pleasure working with you. We wish you further prosperity and thank you for our cooperation.

Adjamov B.M.
Executive Director of the medical clinic "Medicinskaya Collegium"


Our designers have chosen a color scheme and fonts for the clinic brand, as well as developed the main logo and its variations.


We have also created a logo that is used on clinic's website, documents and even in the building.

Letterhead and business cards

The brand development also included the design of templates for business cards and company letterheads. On the documents we used the logo and the motto as the elements of a corporate identity.

Website design

The main page creates a "WOW" effect by its simple structure and a spectacular animation in the clinic's department section. The whole design is made in a modern minimalism style. A unique icon has been developed for each clinic department.

Feedback and reviews

User’s feedback and review can be linked to the doctor and the department. Thus, the review will be displayed on both a personal page of the doctor and the department’s page.

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