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News portal for the Gatchina News Service

About the project

Gatchina News Service is the online portal with regional news of Gatchina city and Leningrad Region. The main tasks of the project for Gatchina News Service were to develop a brand-new news portal and to simplify news publishing system.


On behalf of the Gatchina News Service, we express our deep gratitude to the ArticMedia team for the mutually beneficial cooperation and support provided during the development of a new news portal. Your work and professionalism of your employees have yielded amazing results. The service you developed to add and moderate news has greatly simplified the work of our journalists and shortened the release time of new publications. We sincerely thank you and look forward to strengthening and expanding our partnership in the future!

Web design

News website development

Our specialists were involved in the project from prototyping till the site launch. More than 35,000 news and articles have been transferred using code from the old news service portal.

Virtual office

To simplify the process of publishing news and moderation by the editor-in-chief, we have developed a separate virtual office. The news are prepared based on the Kanban principle, initially passing the moderation stage by the editor- in-chief.

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