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Event Management system for St. Petersburg Youth House

About the project

The St. Petersburg Youth House is under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations. The Department of Organizing Mass Events of the St. Petersburg Youth House holds major citywide events, festivals, and concerts for young people. The St. Petersburg Youth House administration requested us to create a service for collecting analytical data of various event participants and to unify the guest registration process in order to simplify the work of the administrators of the St. Petersburg Youth House and the interaction of users with its services. From scratch, we have developed the automation process to register for events, including generation, storage, printing and verification of tickets using QR codes. For the convenience of visitors, both offline registration via an interactive kiosk and online registration via a website are implemented. The website and interactive kiosks user data is collected to generate traffic statistics for the administrators of the St. Petersburg Youth House.

Web design

Online registration via the website

We have developed a special website with a schedule of upcoming events and a registration system via a personal online account. When you register to an event through the website, the system automatically generates a ticket with a unique QR code. All event tickets are saved in the user's personal account.

Offline registration via the kiosk

Based on the request of the Customer and device specifications, we have selected, purchased, delivered, and installed special interactive kiosks. By using such kiosks visitors can generate a ticket in the building of the St. Petersburg Youth House. The kiosk software is coded in Delphi and works with the server using the API. Kiosks receive data about current events from the website, so they all are displayed on the screen. After the user has selected an event, the kiosk generates and prints a ticket with a unique QR code. All data is updated automatically.

Admission to the event

We have also developed the mobile application that the controller uses to scan the QR code, verifies attendee data, accepts, or rejects the ticket. The app currently only works on Android OS. If the controller does not have an application for some reason, he can also use any available QR code reader application to record the guest passes in the web version.

Analytics & statistics

The collected data about visitors of each event received from the mobile app is immediately collected by the system in the statistics of visits and sent via an encrypted connection to the website administration panel. Admin can track all the information about an event attendance through the analytical panel and convenient dashboards on the statistics tab, as well as to export a file for further data management.

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