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Family cafe “CHEBUROOM”


The “CHEBUROOM” gastronomic project is a chain consisting of a family restaurant, several cafes and food courts.

The menu is combined of international local cuisine hits from Russia, Israel, the USA, the UK, Greece. Each dish reflects the history of the country and the local traditions. Therefore, “CHEBUROOM” is primarily positioned as a soulful gastronomic street food.

ArticMedia started cooperating with the company from the beginning of its creation. Our specialists have developed a brand design strategy, including logos, corporate identity, branded uniforms, stickers, place-mate, packaging, fonts. We used all the design elements to create and launch the website.

We developed


Gastronomic street food project “CHEBUROOM” (LLC “CHEBUREKODELY”) expresses gratitude to the international web agency ArticMedia for long-term cooperation and timely implementation of projects. Creation of the corporate brand, logo and website were completed with a high quality and efficiently as quickly as possible. The most effective relationship was between our companies due to the increased attention to our project and understanding of our needs through the accumulated experience in the restaurant sector. We hope that our partnership will only grow stronger over the years during of new tasks and projects. We wish ArticMedia success and prosperity.

Kirshin E.O.


Our specialists have thought through the design of the elements of the packaging of dishes, including stickers and placement to the last detail. We were constantly updating the placement, adding information about seasonal dishes, promotions and new products. We also created various graphic materials, such as flyers, banners, business cards. They were made in the same corporate style and in corporate black and orange color and contained up-to-date information.

New logo

The ArticMedia team has been cooperating with CHEBUROOM for many years. Last time our designers updated the logo, added the full name of the institution and several graphic elements. The updated logo has become more informative and bright.

Logos was the basis for the development of branded uniforms. Employees started to wear exclusive caps and T-shirts from the “CHEBUROOM” restaurant.


The ArticMedia team has developed the website for “CHEBUROOM”. On the main page we created and added a live staged video with the main dishes served. There are also 3 active links to each type of facility: a cafe, a restaurant, a food court, delivery. With their help, users can get to the relevant pages and find more detailed information.

The website is bright due to a combination of black and orange colors and high resolution images of dishes. The font is more readable, the interface is concise and has information about the history and project concept, menu and contacts.

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