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"vMeste47" platform for all-regional rating voting

This regional project formation of a comfortable urban environment

  • 3 personal accounts
  • 7 people in the project team
  • 100+ layouts


Our task was a comprehensive rethinking of the voting system at all stages — improving the interaction between the Competence Center for a Comfortable Urban Environment and the smart city of the Leningrad Region, municipalities and residents of the Leningrad region.

Also, the tasks were: improving the user experience and the speed of communication, starting from the submission of an application by municipalities, ending with the results that the voting participants see. To do this, we designed and developed a platform, described interaction scenarios, developed a visual shell, and built a link between personal accounts.


We have developed 3 personal accounts for three roles – voting participants (residents of the Leningrad region), municipalities and the organizer. Each option assumes a separate functionality.

For participants – participation in voting and viewing the results, for municipalities – submission of an application for the participation of the territory in the vote for the improvement of the territory, for the organizer – the launch of voting, viewing applications, full moderation and the formation of results.

In the personal account of municipalities, the user forms an application for voting to select a territory for landscaping and sends it to the organizer of the vote.

The organizer's personal account provides access to received applications, access to voting and the launch of voting for voting participants. Also, after the voting is completed, the organizer uploads the results in his personal account.


The target audience of the platform is heterogeneous, different ages, interests, sphere of activity and social status - they can only be united by the choice of territory for further improvement.

The role model. Building scenarios.

Based on the data and needs, we have described role models for three roles-voting participants, municipality, organizer.


Next, we started drawing schematic warframes based on the role model and scenarios.


Beautiful minimalistic design combined with thoughtful usability are impressive in appearance and easy to use. Idea of the service is simple. Creating a favorable digital environment for users of the platform, "vMeste47", within which users will be able to participate in voting without problems. The same was required from the main page — to simply and clearly tell what the service gives and how easy it is to use it.

Main page

The start page acquaints users with the current voting, with the instruction "How to vote", talks about the essence and value of the platform, shows a good example of implemented projects.


As part of the project, the ArticMedia team has developed a platform "vMeste47".

It is used to conduct a unified regional rating vote and to involve residents of the Leningrad region in the improvement processes. With the help of the platform, residents of the Leningrad region identified public territories to participate in the selection for the federal project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment in 2023"

75 000
Number of residents who voted on the platform
Created MO personal accounts
30 minutes
The time after which the report was ready after the completion of voting
50 seconds
Average voting time of a resident

Results #For the municipality

  • Unified application form
  • Reduced the preparation time of the application by 17 times
  • Simple and intuitive interface of the personal account

Results #For the organizers of the vote

  • All voting results are collected in statistics automatically
  • All files are stored in one place, the organizer can easily upload data
  • The organizer receives the application in electronic form
  • It is easy to change the status of the application
  • Thanks to the automation of the voting system, the burden on the organizers of voting was reduced

Results #For residents

  • Convenient and simple voting
  • Viewing the voting results
  • Opportunity to get acquainted with the upcoming voting
  • Simple and intuitive interface
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