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About is a modern online store of branded clothing, shoes, and accessories. During the project ArticMedia team was involved in the full-cycle development: from prototyping to the launch of the store online.

Site design

The visual component is the key element in the design of this e-store. The style of minimalism prevents the user from getting tired or distracted by unnecessary elements. The website has many bright banners, images, high-quality photos of the goods, and elements of micro interactions.

Product filtering

A convenient and user-friendly product filter selects only the relevant items from the catalog. They can be filtered by brands, sizes, colors. Also, the affordable price range can be set.

Bundle of goods
by color

To simplify catalog navigation we linked all colors for each product. Thus, when a user selects other colors, he switches to another product card, where different sizes and description are available.

Drop-down list
in the search

While a user types an item in a search bar, the website generates a drop-down list of goods with a similar title. This feature saves time searching for the right product.

Quickly add to cart

A user can add an item to a cart right from the catalog by hovering a mouse over the product card, where he can select a size and click shopping cart icon.

Coupon Management

We have expanded the basic functionality of UMI.CMS coupon management system and have added the service to create and to apply promotional codes. The site administrator can create them himself and set own discount terms: for a catalog section, for an entire order, as a percentage or in absolute amount. In the shopping cart a user pastes a promo code, and the discount is activated immediately according to the terms of use.

Shopping cart

The design of the shopping cart is also made in a minimalism style. It shows the color, size, and a discount (if any) for each selected product. It is possible to change a quantity of items. On the right it displays the total order amount, promotional code field and a discount (if applicable).

My account

In “My account” a user can check orders history, current status and a composition, and edit a personal information.

Delivery address

In “My account” a user can add favorite addresses which will be most frequently used. Due to the fact that the terms of delivery within the Moscow city differ from those in other regions, the system validates a city name, when it is typed, so that delivery addresses within Moscow can only be chosen in the "Delivery in Moscow" section, the rest - in the "Regional Delivery" section.

UniSender Email

UniSender is an e-mail service which helps to collect a subscriber database, to create and design e-mails, to send SMS and Viber messages, to post on social networks and work with transaction mailings. We have connected UniSender to send out an information about all new products, promotions, and discounts from To add e-mail in the UniSender database a user just needs to subscribe to the newsletter from AnotherShop. It can be done in a couple of clicks: to type an email and click the "Subscribe" button on the website.

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